Information Security


    ZECURION is a leading Russian developer of Data Loss Prevention solutions – the systems enabling the organizations protect information from internal information safety threats. The company solutions allow to minimize the risks of deliberate and casual leakage of confidential information. 

  • Kod Bezopasnosti

    Kod Bezopasnosti (Informzaschita Public Company) is a Russian company focused on development of software and hardware providing information systems security and assures their conformity with international and industry standards.

  • Fortinet

    Fortinet is a world leader delivering network security systems and multifunctional protection devices (UTM-systems). Fortinet product portfolio had been recognized by industry awards in the field of safety gateways, customer support service and complementary equipment. The awards are presented to the companies securing top level of safety of networks, reference resources and applications for organizations of any size, telecommunications and managed services providers.